100% natural


At our farm we produce all the necessary vegetables for our restaurant, 100% the natural way. Explore and you’ll find aromatic plants, herbs, small fruits, mushrooms and Albarola and Vermentino grapes of our vineyards.
In the ecological cycle, there is no ‘waste’: Cattle is fed with the left-over’s from the restaurant, manure is used as fertilizer to grow crops, while maintaining and cleaning the forest leaves us enough wood to heat the house during winter. And with the ash the fruit trees are mulched.


farm_fruit_small1Our experimental orchard won first prize in the Italian contest of Biodiversity to Agri@Tour of Arezzo in 2012. This project was also developed with the help of Silvano Zaccone and the convivium of La Spezia Slow Food. With 10 hives, our bees produce excellent honey and are a crucial-role in the eco-cycle by taking care of the pollination of our fruit trees.

Our fruit orchard contains over 500 trees. Ca du Chittu collaborates in a biodiversity program with the region of Liguria and Dr. Andrea Galli, to prevent the old Val di Vara apple varieties from disappearing: Carla, Musona, Pipin, Rugginin, Bianchetta.


farm_chickens_small1There are several different animals on our farm including chickens, geese, rabbits and Cinta Senese pigs.